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Using Ai tool for copywriting

Using AI Tools for Copywriting

an ai powered assistant helping a copywriter

As AI tools continue to evolve, they’re becoming an essential part of many organizations’ digital marketing strategies. AI can help marketers with a variety of tasks, from research and ideation to content planning, optimization, review, and performance analysis.

In our recent webinar, Kerry Harrison zeroed in on how AI tools can help copywriters become more efficient and create more space for their creativity to flower.

“The key is to use these tools to augment our creativity,
rather than to replace it.”

Do you worry that AI tools will make your copywriting job obsolete? Are you wondering how you can add a human touch to AI content? Continue reading to find out how AI writing tools can become your allies and help you create great digital marketing content.

In this blog, we’ll explore:

  1. What are the main AI tools for copywriting?
  2. How to use AI for your copywriting
  • Conduct research
  • Generate ideas
  • Create first drafts
  • Edit content

Discover how AI can enhance your copywriting process, allowing you to focus on what you do best: crafting compelling, human-centered content.

Key AI Copywriting Tools

AI tools are used for a variety of marketing tasks – and copywriting is no exception. To use generative AI effectively, it’s best to concentrate on just three or four tools. Although it’s tempting to try every new arrival on the market, sticking to a few tools and mastering them will likely give you better results.

Currently, there are four key AI-powered chatbots to consider:

These are the four tools (or models) I find most useful as a copywriter. Each one has its unique features, so I often move between them depending on what I need.

Note: Not all tools are currently available in all regions, and they are constantly undergoing version updates.

Let’s look at each tool in a bit more detail.

Chat GPT

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