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SEO updates Last Month

SEO Updates Last Month SEO Updates from Last Month: A Comprehensive Roundup

Hello everyone, I am Rajat Rastogi from internetgurukul.com. Welcome to our special monthly blog series, SEO Updates Last Month, where we bring you all the SEO news, views, and updates from the previous month, complete with their official links.

Special Highlight: Google’s Search Central Live Event

This month’s video has something special. On September 25th, Google’s Search Central Live event took place in Delhi. Some of you had the opportunity to meet people, take photos, and engage in discussions with Google’s team.

Google Updates

Site Names in Search Results

The first news is from Google. On September 7th, Google announced that site names will now be available in all languages on both desktop and mobile search results pages. These site names can be set using schema data.

Language Search Updates

On September 8, Google announced some updates about searches in different languages. Google can now automatically translate the answers of one language search from the page of another language. If there is content in more than one language on your website, then you will have to indicate the language of that page through the URL structure or hyperlink tags.

YouTube Ad Controls

On September 7th, YouTube announced new ad controls. Until now, YouTube creators could decide whether to show ads in the middle of a video or not. But from November, all this will change. Creators will either be able to turn on the ad in the video or turn it off. How to show ads and where to show ads will be decided by YouTube.

Meta Updates

On September 8th, Meta announced that you can now search for posts on the Threads app. Until now, you could only search for users on Threads, not posts.

Google Search Console Updates for E-commerce Websites

On September 11th, Google Search Console announced some updates for e-commerce websites. From now on, you will also see a report called Shopping Tab Listing in the Search Console. In this report, you will get information about your products that were visible in Google’s Shopping tab but are not visible now.

Google Merchant Center and Google Search Console Integration

Your Google Merchant Center account and Google Search Console should be connected to get more details from the page.

Advertisers and Political Parties

As advertisers, we should remain neutral. If any party contacts you to run an advert or to do SEO, then take money for the project. Don’t think about who to follow. Take money from anyone. They are doing their business. You do your business.

Schema Data Updates

On September 14th, Google removed How-to type schema data from the desktop as well. Before this, on August 8th, Google announced that they were removing How-to type results from the mobile.

BARD Updates

On September 19th, Google’s chat GPT, which is BARD, announced a lot of updates. Let’s see them one by one:

  1. Multilingual Capabilities: You can start talking to BARD in one language and then you can continue in more than 40 languages.
  2. Integration with Google Products: BARD can now fetch information from Google’s other products like Map, YouTube, Flight, and Hotels.
  3. Access to Google Drive, Google Docs, and Gmail: BARD can now fetch information from Google Drive, Google Docs, and Gmail and show it to you.
  4. Shared Chats: You can have a conversation with the shared chats.

Controversy with BARD’s Shared URL

Gagan discovered on 26th September that BARD’s shared URL is being indexed by Google and is even shown in search results. Thanks to Gagan’s discovery, Google removed this mistake on 29th September.

Google Analytics Updates

Google Analytics has launched a new report for e-commerce websites called Checkout Journey Report.

Meta Facebook Updates

Another news from 19th September is from Meta aka Facebook. Meta aka Facebook has launched a new business-based platform that is slowly rolling out to businesses.

Meta Facebook Business Platform

Facebook has launched a new business-based platform that is slowly rolling out to businesses. They have set a low rate of $21.99 for Instagram and Facebook. If you pay $34.99, you will get a blue tick on both Instagram and Facebook. This is a useful feature for businesses as it offers better customer support and increased visibility on these platforms.

Microsoft Video and CTV Ads

On 20 September, Microsoft launched video and CTV ads. CTV stands for Connected Television. These ads will be shown on different streaming apps like MSN, CNN, Hulu, Washington Post, Journal, People, etc. According to Microsoft, these ads are very simple to create and they will use Microsoft’s AI system to create and run both.

Google Ads Automatic Creation

On 20 September, Google Ads automatically created Google Ads for all users. This feature will be available in 7 other languages Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Microsoft’s Disavow Tool

On 21st September, Microsoft announced that in October, Microsoft’s Disavow tool and its API would stop working. Like Google’s Disavow tool, Microsoft’s Disavow tool also gives a feature to a webmaster that can block links from a website.

Wix Supports IndexNow Protocol

The second news of 21st September is also from Microsoft. Microsoft has announced that the website builder platform Wix will now support the IndexNow protocol.

YouTube Updates

Another news of 21st September is from YouTube. YouTube has announced 5 new features in its Made for YouTube event. These features are yet to come or are in beta testing.

YouTube’s Search Assistant

YouTube will launch a new feature called Search Assistant, which will suggest the best music to put in your videos through chat. This AI-based feature will help creators choose the right music for their videos.

Google’s Search Central Live Event

On September 25th, Google’s Search Central Live event took place in Delhi. The event was a great opportunity for networking and strengthening relationships with Google executives. However, no unique information was shared that could be of interest to a normal search professional.

Meta Facebook AI Announcements

On 27th September, Meta Facebook made some AI announcements. You will be able to use AI stickers on Meta platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. On Instagram, AI-based image recognition will be used to generate alt text for images.

Google BARD and Robots.txt

If you want to prevent Google BARD or other AI projects from accessing your website’s content, you can set a rule in robots.txt. You need to write “user-agent google-extended” and then write “disallow” in the other line.

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