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Discover smart methods and expert advice to enhance your business growth, achieving optimal results without unnecessary stress.

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Startup Concept

Ensure the success and viability of your startup ideas through effective market validation.

New Business

Create customized frameworks for continuous business expansion.


Tackling a variety of business challenges with customized expertise to expedite growth and achieve success.

Marketing Solutions

Achieve significant outcomes through strategic marketing efforts.

YouTube Growth

Enhance your visibility on YouTube using personalized strategies to maximize impact.

Business Growth Strategy

Achieve sustainable expansion through the implementation of expert growth strategies.

Financial Optimisation

Enhance financial efficiency for streamlined operations.

What We Do

Business Launch Support

We help individuals with innovative business concepts by assessing their viability, building initial product iterations, formulating revenue models, and navigating them through the startup journey.

Business Expansion

Regardless of size, we help businesses broaden their customer outreach, expand operations, and devise strategies for scalable, enduring growth.

Personalized Solutions, Ensured Success

Receive personalized guidance and guaranteed outcomes through our tailored solutions, ensuring your journey to success is uniquely crafted and consistently impactful.

  • Immediate Resolutions

    Avoid the guesswork and benefit from our tried-and-true strategies developed through extensive experience, saving you valuable time.

  • Achieving Positive Results

    Gain advantages from our proven history of empowering businesses.

  • Effectiveness and accuracy

    Our proven approaches guarantee effectiveness, delivering accurate solutions that promptly tackle your specific business challenges.

  • Access our expertise easily.

    Benefit from our extensive experience, gaining expert advice and guidance without the need for your own investment in research and experimentation.

Choose the most suitable plan for your needs.

Strategy Forge

₹10,000/ Per Session

Biz Navigate

₹50,000/ Per Session

Mentor Pro

₹XXXXX/ Per Year

Know Your Mentor

Hello, I’m Rajat, the founder of Internet Gurukul and a seasoned digital marketing mentor with an MBA background. I’ve guided over 100,000 entrepreneurs globally, translating my business expertise into practical insights. Beyond the digital realm, my passion lies in fostering resilience and making a positive impact.

I enjoy exploring innovative strategies and celebrating achievements in the ever-evolving field. Let’s embark on a collaborative journey, uncovering strategies and overcoming challenges in the dynamic world of digital marketing. Welcome to a mentorship that goes beyond the surface – welcome to knowing your mentor at Internet Gurukul.

Anurag Singh

Meet Anurag, a seasoned digital marketer with four years of hands-on experience. In the dynamic world of digital marketing, Anurag is dedicated to staying ahead of trends, implementing effective strategies, and contributing meaningfully to campaign success. Join him on his journey of navigating and excelling in the digital marketing realm.

We Help Business In Achieving Faster GROWTH

Need support to boost your business growth?

INTERNET GURUKUL is here for you! We specialize in guiding businesses to thrive and achieve success.

What Our Clients Say

Mr. Rajat, a highly knowledgeable and experienced individual, played a pivotal role in saving my business.


Rajat’s expertise and seasoned approach were crucial in transforming and revitalizing my business.


ready for an impactful & transformative business journey?

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur in search of guidance, a startup seeking growth strategies, or an established enterprise with expansion goals, our expert consultations are customized to address your unique requirements.

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